About me


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Avid Runner

I love running. I use it to stay in shape and as a stress reliever. I ran track and cross county in high school as well as the 2016 Pittsburgh half marathon. I am currently training for the 2020 half marathon.


Not many people can say they have an enterprise grade network setup in their basement, but I can! I have 2 Dell r710s, 2 deep cycle marine batteries, HP Proliant switch, uninterruptible power supply, Raspberry pi and a hardware firewall. These are all running many things that I use everyday. All of this is backed up to the cloud. The setup changes all the time as I am constantly trying to learn new things. This website is hosted from this setup.


I always thought kayaking looked fun. In 2018 I rented a kayak and instantly enjoyed it. I made it a goal to get one for myself. I did in spring 2019. So far my favorite place to kayak is around Point State Park in Pittsburgh.


Photography is something I started to appreciate. Taking pictures around Pittsburgh has gained my interest. I am always looking for a new computer background picture that I took. Most of the pictures on this website are taken by me.